So, you have read all about us AND you are current OR retired Law Enforcement who HAS or HAD statutory powers of arrest as authorized by the NYSCPL, and you want to become a member!

 (Here's a hint - if you don't know what the NYSCPL is, you probably don't qualify.)

Our current by-laws require that you come to a chapter meeting and apply. We will then table the matter until our next meeting, giving us time to verify your qualifications. Then if all is in order, we vote you in, you pay your membership dues, and you are a new Blue Knight!

Click here for an APPLICATION

PS:  You also need to own a motorcycle or buy one within 6 months of membership 
AND be valid to operate a motorcycle to qualify for membership.
There are no strangers in the Blue Knights, just friends you haven't met yet!

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Motorcycle Club, Inc.   All Contents are the Property of Blue Knights® New York Chapter IV and of the
Blue Knights® International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
If you need any help or have questions, feel free to contact any of our Officers listed on the Chapter Officers page to assist you 
and we thank you for your interest.
Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Inc.

Blue Knights - New York IV

Serving the Greater Rochester, NY and Genesee Valley Area